Product Designer

One handed band-aids particularly aimed at easy dispensing & quick visibility for the physically challenged.

Design a one handed product for any household activity that requires both hands

As a part of the IPD 2016 class, we were assigned a task to design a one handed device/ product for any household activity that requires two hands. We were a team of 6, all from different backgrounds, each one with special skills. We had to research, design, manufacture, brand and sell a product in 3 months.

Which household activity needs most attention?

To understand the problems that were faced by independent guitar learners, we intervewed people at different levels of expertise. Some of them learnt in a school while some others were learning on their own. They helped us understand the learning paths that were working and the reasons why some of them gave up. Our secondary research and user interviews showed us that a lot of resources were already present to help beginners and experts. To narrow the scope of our problem, we decided to concentrate on mid-level self-learners.

Narrowing the open problem space

From a very open problem space, we had to now narrow down our scope. As shown above, we did a small affinity wall activity to bring everyone on the same page and narrow down on two problem statements.

We then conducted concept testing using concept cards on 50 users. And then consolidated the results to finalize on a product direction.

Design Direction

Focus on simplifying the process of dispensing band-aids using one hand through the sticker metaphor.

What are the different micro interactions involved in dispensing a band-aid?

We knew that its not just the final action, but all the steps that lead to dispensing that are important. So we dived deeper into the whole process.

Designing for each micro interaction

We then started brainstorming and prototyped designs for each of the interactions mentioned in the diagram above.

1. Putting the sheet on the wall & opening it

The first and foremost action was to remove this sheet from the package on the wall. Doing this with just one hand would be a challenge. So, we decided to spend a lot of time figuring this out with multiple prototypes.

2. Dispensing the band aid

Once the poster is up on the wall, the next important action was to figure out how would the user remove it with one hand. We tried and tested a few methods for this too.

X. Oops ! We forgot about packaging ?!

After creating the first prototype we started testing it out since we knew rapid prototyping is what is needed here. In our first iteration itself, we discovered that we completely forgot about packaging as a one handed activity. The next iteration was majorly focussed around handling that.

3. Sticker sheet iterations

Once we had the basic interaction design ready, we spent some time iterating on the sticker sheet designs for taking care of various wounds and sizes.

Product exhibition / tradeshow

We had to sell our product in a final exhibition. It had online as well as a physical presence. Shown in the next section are links to the final website followed by physical tradeshow photos. You can view the branding website and the final product here -

Logo design, branding & final product

Vizi simplifies the activity of putting on a band-aid using a novel dispensing method, making it easier to use with one hand.